Dialysis is one of the first technological innovations in medicine – and the only treatment that does not involve transplant, and yet allows a patient with end stage organ failure to live long, healthy and productive lives. Currently, about 2.4 million people are alive on dialysis worldwide.

Dialysis removes the “waste” chemicals that accumulate in the blood because the failed kidneys are unable to excrete them. It can be done in two ways: haemodialysis in which the blood is taken out of the body and passed through a machine, and peritoneal dialysis, in which a natural internal membrane lining the abdomen is used to clear the blood. The first one is typically done at dialysis facilities, whereas the second one is done at home. Since the “waste” accumulation is continuous, dialysis must be repeated at regular intervals. This is critical, since the long-term and repetitive nature of this treatment has major health and economic implications.

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We provide 24 hour dialysis services.

We also provide the service for HIV Positive patients also.